• Black Bear Chair
    Photo by David McMaster
  • Black Bear Chair
  • Black Bear Chair and the Ridge
    Photo by John Erben
  • Porcupine Chair
    Photo by Sarah Cannard
  • From the Eagles Nest
  • Views from Ptarmigan
    Photo by Charlie Herrington

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Welcome to our new site

Welcome to our new site

Owned by the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ), the Eaglecrest Ski Area charges user fees and receives funds from CBJ for basic operating costs. The Eaglecrest Foundation strives to augment these funds for two specific purposes:

1. To allow access to the ski area for deserving youth who cannot afford to ski and snowboard.

2. To fund additional projects not subsidized by the CBJ. Often, there is a need for other capital improvements that cannot be financed by the CBJ due to limited resources. Eaglecrest Foundation seeks to support these advancements through community involvement and donations.

Coming Events

Repair Shop Opens
22 Oct

Repair Shop Opens

Eaglecrest Ski Area opens on the 22nd, click HERE for more information.
Ski Sale
5 Nov

Ski Sale

64th (at least) Annual Juneau Ski Sale Click HERE for more!